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      [COCACOLA可口可樂]  驗廠審核內容
      Code of Conduct
      Assessment Checklist

      Type of audit
      1st party audit    2nd party audit    3rdparty audit
      q Announced audit                     Unannounced audit
      Initial audit         1st follow up       q2ndfollow up
      Job Number
      Date of audit
      Signed by Lead auditor

      I.    Factory Information
      II.   Auditor Team
      III.  Auditee Representative
      IV.    Assessment Checklist  
      1)    Child Labor
      2)    Forced Labor
      3)    Health & Safety
      4)    Freedom of Association
      5)    Discrimination
      6)    Disciplinary Practices
      7)    Working Hours
      8)    Compensation
      9)    Environment

      Factory Name  
      Contact Person  
      Factory Operations
      Products Manufactured
      Production Capacity
      Qty Per year
      Manufacturing Floors
      S.Q. Meters
      Dormitory Area
      S.Q. Meters
      Kitchen and Canteen
      S.Q. Meters
      Production Process Flow
      Equipment used
      Employees Details
      Administration Staff      
      Quality Control Staff      
      Engineering Staff      

      Auditor name
      Auditing company
      Role in the team
      Audit date


      IV. Assessment  Checklist
      1.    Child Labor

      Item no
      Requirement Yes/No/NA Comments
      Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on child labor OR understand its requirements?
      What is the legal Youngest age of workers?
      1.2 Does the factory have a copy of valid regulations and laws on young worker protection OR understand its requirements?   工廠是否有關于未成年工的法律文本復印本
      1.3 Does the factory have effective procedures to verify the age of worker at the time of recruitment?   有無核對工人年齡的程序。
      1.4 Does the factory keep adequate age documents of workers such as ID copies and personnel records?   有無工人的年齡資料。
      1.5 Is separate register maintained for child labor / young workers?   童工和未成年工是否分開登記。
      1.6 Is any evidence identified that child labor was employed at the factory?    
      1.7 Does the youngest age of workers at the factory Comply with local legal requirements?    
      1.8 Does the factory have effective remediation programs existing for child labor (where appropriate)?    
      1.9 Is child remediation program monitored by the labor ministry / UNICEF / ILO (where appropriate)?    
      1.10 Are suspected young worker age records such as age certificate, local records or certificate from surgeon verified?    
      1.11 Are children or young workers engaged in hazardous work?   童工/未成年工是否安排在危險崗位?
      1.12 Are children or young workers employed at night shift?   童工/未成年工是否安排有夜班?
      1.13 Does the factory implement any work experience/ apprenticeship scheme for school age children?    
      1.14 Are above findings confirmed through interview with workers?    


      Section Rating: Child Labor
      Nonconform: q High      q Medium      q Low      q Conform
      Legal/Code Non-conformance :
      Corrective Actions confirmed by factory / Agent :             Responsibility          Deadlines
      Good Practice:

      2.    Forced Labor

      Item no
      Requirement Yes/No/NA Comments
      2.1 Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on forced labor or understand its requirements?   關于強迫勞動的法律文本
      2.2 Are all workers present voluntarily at the factory?   員工是否自愿上班
      2.3 Are workers free to leave after working hours? Is any restriction placed?    
      2.4 Are workers permitted time-off with doctor’s certificate when sick or for maternity?    
      2.5 Is any evidence of physical or verbal abuse identified? Whether use of force observed, at least for overtime work?   有無體罰?折罵?
      2.6 Do all workers sign employment contracts with the factory? Is it unfair or illegal?   是否都有合同。
      2.7 Is any evidence identified that security guards were used to coerce workers ?   保安員打人嗎?有用武力嗎?
      2.8 Are workers not required to lodge deposits or original documents such as ID papers, training certificate, etc.?   有押金?押身份證?
      2.9 Is any physical method impeding freedom of workers such as surveillance camera, locked exit during working hours or perimeter fences, etc?   工作時有閉路電視等監督嗎?
      2.10 Is any evidence identified on the use of forced labor / prison labor?    


      Section Rating: Forced Labor
      Nonconform: q High      q Medium      q Low      q Conform
      Legal/Code Non-conformance :
      Corrective Actions confirmed by factory / Agent :             Responsibility          Deadlines
      Good Practice:

      3.    Health and Safety

      Item no
      Requirement Yes/No/NA Comments
      Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulation on health and safety or understand its requirements?   法律文本?
      3.2 Is written health and safety policy posted and signed by top management?   有無健康安全政策貼在現場?
      3.3 Is safety committee established with members representing the various shifts, functions and levels?    有無安全委員會?該委員會應有不同班次,不同崗位,不同層次的人員參加。
      3.4 Is a senior management representative for health & safety appointed? If yes please specify the title.   有無健康安全代表?
      3.5 Does the factory arrange health and safety training for new workers?   有無健康安全培訓?
      3.6 Are training and awareness programs on health and safety arranged regularly for all workers?    
      3.7 Are accidents reported and recorded?   有無事故記錄?
      3.8 Does the factory keep injury / illness records such as daily injury and illness log, injury statistics, illnesses report or any other safety statistics?    
      3.9 Are corrective actions taken to prevent recurrence of work related accidents?    
      3.10 Does the factory have valid fire inspection certificates issued by local fire service authority?   消防驗收報告?
      3.11 Does the factory have adequate number of fire extinguishers at each factory floor?    
      3.12 Are all fire extinguishers inspected and tested regularly and ready to use at all times?   消防器材是否定期檢查?
      3.13 Is an effective fire extinguishing system i.e. fire hydrant/fire hose or sprinkler installed at each factory floor and maintained properly?     
      3.14 Are all fire extinguishing systems inspected and maintained properly?    
      3.15 Is fire and hazard early warning system such as smoke detector installed and regularly tested?    
      3.16 Are fire drills conducted regularly at least once a year? When and how?   消防演習?
      3.17 Are fire exits and escape routes adequate at each factory floor?    
      3.18 Is any fire exit and escape route blocked or locked? Is any slide door used at the factory?    
      3.19 Are exits and fire exits identified with sign or indicator lamps?    
      3.20 Are adequate emergency lights installed at each factory floor?    
      3.21 Is the factory no more than 5 minutes away by fire engine from nearest fire station?   最近的消防站離廠區在5分鐘內能到嗎?
      3.22 Did any fire accident take place in the past 12 months at the factory?   12個月內發生過火災嗎?
      3.23 Does the factory have valid inspection certificates for boilers, elevators, pressure vessels and other equipment per local regulation?   鍋爐、電梯、壓力容器證書?
      3.24 Are the operators of above-mentioned equipment trained and qualified per local regulation?   鍋爐、電梯、壓力容器操作員證書?
      3.25 Are adequate guarding or devices installed for moving/rotating parts of machine, pulleys and belts or any other dangerous parts of machines?   設備安全保護裝置合適嗎?
      3.26 Is any instruction emphasized to prohibit loose clothing, jewellery or long hair near moving machinery?   有無設備操作規程?員工保護指引:如不帶首飾,長發應盤起來等等。
      3.27 Are all electricians, welding operators and forklift drivers etc. trained and qualified per local regulations?   電工,叉車工、電焊工證書?
      3.28 Is electrical safety procedures implemented effectively to ensure safety precautions such as grounding, discharging, and testing to be taken?   用電指引?
      3.29 Are all the electrical wires installed in fully acceptable condition and adequately protected?    
      3.30 Are electrical installations are checked periodically and repairs carried out by competent electrician?    
      3.31 Is hot work permit procedure implemented for welding, cutting and open flame operation at the factory?   熱操作規程?
      3.32 Are all site buildings maintained in good condition in both physical surface and structure?    
      3.33 Are dangerous/hazardous substances used or stored at the factory?   化學品存放安全?
      3.34 Are these substances safely and securely stored?    
      3.35 Are administration and engineering controls (reduced shift hours, ventilation fans and exhaust fans) introduced to reduce personal exposure?    
      3.36 Are personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles, glasses, gloves, earplug / muff, boots, or protective clothing provided at factory cost and in fully acceptable condition?   PPE
      3.37 Is air quality test done if hazardous fumes existed?   空氣測試?
      3.38 Does the factory have a suitable working environment in respect of ventilation, temperature, lighting, cleanliness, and tidiness (overcrowding)?    
      3.39 Does the factory arrange regular health examination for workers exposed to hazardous environment?   危害工位員工是否定期體檢?
      3.40 Are there adequate evidences confirming that the workers’ health is not affected by hazardous factors?    
      3.41 Does the factory have any occupational health inspection certificate issued by local government authority?    
      3.42 Are adequate first aid kits located at each factory floor and marked with signs?   急救設備?
      3.43 Are adequate workers trained on first aid? How many trained first aiders at the factory?   急救人員?
      3.44 Is an in-house clinic/first aid station established with competent doctor/first aider employed at the factory?   急救站?
      3.45 Is a nearby medical centre/hospital/clinic available to factory?    
      3.46 Is potable water accessible and adequate at each factory floor?    
      3.47 Are lavatory facilities accessible, clean and reasonable in number at each factory floor? Does it meet local requirements?    
      3.48 Toilets are private and segregated for men and women?    
      3.49 Are washbasins and water taps available? Adequate?    
      3.50 Are the factory kitchen and canteen clean and hygienic with adequate facilities?    
      3.51 Are kitchen and canteen subject to local government licensing? If yes, does the factory have such a permit or license?    
      3.52 Are adequate evidences identified that workers working in kitchen are suitable to food service? Such as health examination.    
      3.53 Is there any food safety program established to ensure all the food and stuffs purchased from reliable sources?    
      3.54 Is any pest control program established and implemented effectively?    
      3.55 What is the average dormitory space per worker? How many workers per room? Does it meet with local norms and standards?    
      3.56 Is there adequate living space for each worker and meet the requirements of relevant local regulations?    
      3.57 Are recreation areas available at the factory?    
      3.58 Are kitchen, laundry facilities available in dormitory?    
      3.59 Is there an adequate supply of sanitary drinking water available to workers at adequate distance at dormitory?    
      Are there adequate toilets with hand basins available to workers at adequate distance at dormitory?    
      3.61 Are there adequate bathrooms available to workers at dormitory?    
      3.62 Are sanitary areas clean and hygienic with available washing facilities?    
      Are the dormitory clean, safe and well lit?    
      3.64 Are workers free to exit & re-enter dormitory freely? Are any curfew hours set?    
      Are adequate security measures provided to protect workers at dormitory?    
      3.66 Do the dormitory buildings appear structurally sound and in acceptable repair?    
      3.67 Are dormitory exits unblocked and unlocked for emergency evacuation?    
      3.68 Are written dormitory rules posted?  (if yes please attach copy)    
      Are fire emergency evacuation plans posted at dormitory and understood by all workers?    
      3.70 Is any worker’s dormitory located in the building of production and/or warehouse?    


      Section Rating: Health & Safety
      Nonconform: q High      q Medium      q Low      q Conform
      Legal/Code Non-conformance :
      Corrective Actions confirmed by factory / Agent :             Responsibility          Deadlines
      Good Practice:

      4. Freedom of Association

      Item no
      Requirement Yes/No/NA Comments
      4.1 Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on trade union and freedom of association or understand its requirements?   法律文本?
      4.2 Is workers’ right to form and join free trade unions and workers’ associations acknowledged by the management and workers?    
      4.3 Are trade unions or workers’ associations  formed at the factory?